Annnd we’re back!

I have, as all other lovers of the powder, have been anxiously waiting for the first snow fall of the season.  This day came a few weeks ago in the form of 30″+ of snow in the upper elevations.  Woo hoo, GAME ON…..or so I thought.  Work called and I was stuck in the scenery of an office building. No bueno!  My brother helped rub it in on a phone call at lunch “My poles are disappearing!” he said while lapping “bottomless” powder.  Really…?  I don’t even like money, why am I working!

Fast forward 2 weeks and winter is back!  This time I made sure I was prepared.  Snow stations we claiming 9ish inches of new on top of a small base left from before.  Not the killer storm we had, but with 2″ of water in the rain bucket I knew there had to be a more than what the stations were telling.

My brother Chase and I grabbed our gear and headed to the high terrain…

Hello winter!

With views like this on the skin in, you know it's going to be a good day!



Where did November go!?

After gaining a ridge the above view is what we were greeted with.  My snow dreams have been answered!  Un-touched lines EVERYWHERE!!!

Let the powder fly….

Chase ripping a turn

We did a lap and then the sun came out!


Let the snow fly

That QUALITY Utah powder!

Pure bliss @ 10500'

Pure bliss @ 10500'

First day of the season stoke

How was that for a first day?

We made a final lap up and rode a long tree run we had seen on the way in.  What a first day!  Thank you snow gods!!  This was a day that reminded me why I travel under leg power and not lift power 🙂

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